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By Angela Beard

How to find the right Buyers Agent
in the Sydney Area

When you're selling, you pay an agent good money to get the best price. When you're buying, you're up against those same agents. Enlisting the help of an experienced buyers agent will put you on a level playing field.

Here are some things to consider when looking for a buyers agent:

  1. Some buyers agents will charge a flat fee for the service so you know exactly what you're up for, while others charge a percentage of the property price (this can be up to 3%). It can be very hard to tell if paying more money will get you better results.
  2. They should have the right credentials and hold a full real estate license with professional indemnity insurance
  3. Ensure they have experience in the property industry and more specifically in the area of buying property
  4. They should be familiar with all the tricks selling agents employ such as 'work arounds' to the under-quoting regulations
  5. They should be able to determine the owner's motivation in selling, and manage the speed of the negotiation process accordingly
  6. They should able to ascertain the 'real' selling price in an auction campaign, something selling agents won't want to divulge to prospective buyers
  7. Testimonials from satisfied past clients are essential. This will be your best indicator of whether your prospective agent can deliver what they promise
  8. They should have a high level of communcation skills and take care of all communication with agents
  9. They should act exclusively for the buyer - some buyer's agents actually receive commissions from sellers and kickbacks from developers. Be very wary of buyer agents who may have conflict of interest with the selling side
  10. If you're buying an investment property, find an agent who can also manage tenants that may be currently in the property or find quality tenants for you
  11. An experienced buyers agent will have good relationships with selling agents, and will know about off-market buying opportunities
  12. They should be able to recommend reliable services essential to your property purchase, such as Mortgage finance brokers, Building and pest inspectors and Conveyances that charge a flat fee and don't charge for every purchase attempt

Article written by Angela Beard
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