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Do you keep missing out on property? Buying a property in Eastern Suburbs of Sydney & Bondi NSW can be tough due to undersupply and distance. Not many people sell their houses and those that do are often wanting to either downsize or upsize in the same area. As we can also sell and rent property in the area, we have a good knowledge of the prices and what should be expected. If you are investing then we can lease the property for you after it is purchased.

Flat Fee for Buyers Agent Engagement and Result

Cumberland Newspaper Group Article

Property purchased for the Lears at Auction on a very large 850sqm Block.
Article from the Cumberland Newspaper Group 5th May 2016.

" The Buyer's agent gave me peace of mind ......
He helped me stay calm during the process as we found the idea of bidding a bit daunting. " - Ben Lear
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How does it work?

To enable us to offer a low flat fee, we give you control of the selection process. Most people prefer to do their own initial research on realestate and domain, then our team optimises the list of prospective properties. Once you have decided on the best property we then negotiate with the seller to get you the best price and secure the purchase of the property. Simple.

  • You engage our services. We can meet with you anytime to discuss 
  • You no longer deal with the selling agent
  • The agent to agent negotiations makes all the difference and keeps you at arm's length, similar to selling a property
  • We will contact the agent and handle everything on your behalf
  • We keep you up to date with the prospective properties through email, sms, mobile and spreadsheets
  • We try to buy the property before the auction
  • We can bid at the auction for you, as needed. This is also great if you would like to keep a low profile or are out of town
  • We work very hard to make sure you secure the property at the best possible price
  • Our advertised fees are all-inclusive. No hidden extras

Testimonial - Bondi Property purchase NSW 2026

I thought myself as an experienced buyer having bought and sold many properties, but the Bondi market is simply another league. Why anyone, first-time buyer or veteran, would pass-up professional advice before making the biggest financial decision of a lifetime is beyond me. For a small percentage of a big investment, you can know the game and get an honest professional to fight in your corner. Better, you get an advocate that answers the mail, sorts the problems quickly, and sees it to the last act. Many thanks for your help, I won.

It was nice awakening in the new place this morning.
- John M


Testimonial - Bellevue Hill (Bondi) NSW 2023

Thank you, Adrian! For a novice like me, you provided exceptional advice and support during the process of purchasing my first home. You were able to provide precise market information and inside knowledge and nailed exactly what I was looking for. In addition, once the sale had completed, you were able to organize and manage the leasing of the property in a seamless way. I so valued your input and expertise.
- Henrietta

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